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The brief was to use sunrise colours to create a visually appealing and feminine site. 

The backend platform incorporated ecommerce integration for an innovative and ground breaking online membership program. The integration included online bookings for exercise classes and one-on-one personal training.  Automation is used extensively across the site.

The client brief was to create a light, visually appealing and feminine site to serve as a brand umbrella for a leading women's health & wellness expert. 

Primarily the site was established to form the base platform for a membership based course. Ecommerce, interactive survey, automation to EMS, online course integration are a few of the features used in this project.

The client's brief was to create a classic, elegant and visually appealing website to support her internationally acclaimed interior design services. The CMS based platform, Portfoliobox, is tailored to feature high end imagery.

In contrast, the scope of this project commanded the use of strong, bold colours and an online shopping aspect, including international shipping feature, to bring an innovative golf training aid, 20 years in the making, to life! 


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I completely rejuvenated my website and Sally was an invaluable asset in the process. She made a daunting task stress free, was highly professional and efficient, easy to communicate with and produced a result that exceeded my expectations. I can’t recommend her highly enough.