It's all about you...

we know it's all about your message, your brand, your voice - all about you, but we thought you'd like to know a little about us

About pixel&pixsal

pixel&pixsal | making your online portfolio look pixel perfect!


Work. Approach. Ethics

We love to design and the work that we do. Our approach is thorough and highly detail oriented. We adhere to the strongest of work ethics and remain passionate about adding value and connecting your business digitally one pixel at a time. 

pixel&pixsal's site is an example of our own personal voice and brand, however I also invite you to view our portfolio for alternative examples of design, or get in touch to touch to discuss your specific requirements and vision. 

your collaborator

Sally is an internationally accredited, Digital Marketing Professional (AMI endorsed), university graduate and certified in Business Administration. She serves on the board of an environmental not-for-profit in a communications capacity. Communication is key when collaborating and creating the online solution suited to your business. 

Marble countertop with penny gum

About (pix)Sal.

when she's not creating with the pixels...she's either

*an early bird & outdoors (ok, a VERY early bird)

*being a bit social (ok, maybe a LOT social)

*always with her family, extended family & friends (even if it's remotely these days)

*with a good book/tea/coffee/maybe even a pink gin or bubbles!

*quite surprisingly (even surprising herself) pounding the pavement, with a few crazy endurance events under her belt

*taking a hike

*having fun cycling 'across the globe', whilst sitting in her office, and loving it!

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